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this fucked me up….

Not going to lie, this hurt.


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But I love you
so much more
than just to the moon
and back.

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I decided on you, don’t you get that? I decided on you. I don’t want to go fucking other people and then walk around feeling thrilled and then sad, or empty, or whatever. I like the smell of your hair, and I like the sound of your voice, and I fucking decided on you.

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My boyfriend and I have recently started taking pictures together and I was suuuuper excited to finally send one to you. This was my favorite among the pictures we took that day. I am an expert at hugging and kissing my boyfriend and also not wearing clothes, so this picture shows my strengths. 

I remember how my ex used to do that when she was sad, she sat on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist and just kept kissing my neck softly and slowly and i stroked her back for like 2 hours without saying anything and that’s all and i really fucking miss her.

this. is. so. beautiful. i’m in love with this picture. what happened?
I need you, and I never need anyone.

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